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Let me see if I can give you some ideas. If this is confusing, perhaps you could contact me via chat (use the blue button on the library's home page), or call us at 724-938-4094 (or I'd be happy to call you if it would cost you to call me).

I think what you are asking for is a "peer reviewed" journal article. This is another way of saying a "scholarly" article. There are several databases you could use, but the primary one in your discipline is SPORTDiscus. You can find a link to this by going to the library's home page, hovering your mouse over the "Frequently Used Resources," then clicking on the link to SPORTDiscus with Full Text.

Once in SPORTDiscus, enter the terms as shown in the image below. Please note:

  1. I have used quotation marks around "body mass" and "body composition." This forces the database to search for them as a phrase, not separate words.
  2. In the second box to the right, I used the drop down menu to select "SU Subjects (Descriptors)." This means that these phrases have to be used as subject headings, rather than just keywords that could appear anywhere. This makes the search much more precise. SPORTDiscus has a LOT of information, so you might as well be specific and get back results that are the most relevant.
  3. Under the "Limit your results", I checked BOTH the "Full-Text Items" and the "Scholarly Articles...(Peer Reviewed)" boxes. This will limit your results to only items that you can have immediate access to online, and they have to be "peer reviewed" (which your professor specified).

Now, when you click "Search," you should get a limited, but focused, set of results. I think these are along the lines of what you were looking for.

Thanks for contacting the library!

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